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Jen Eberle



My Story

As a wife, mom of 3 boys and a teacher, the idea of owning my own successful business was always just a dream.  I had tried other home businesses, but they were so time consuming to operate.  I needed something that "sells itself" with a great support system already in place.  When I found Scentsy, my dream came true.  I discovered Scentsy at a friend's home party.  I saw the product and fell in love!  I was amazed at how safe Scentsy was.  It had been 8 years since I'd burned a candle in my own home because I was afraid one of my little boys would knock it over and start a fire.  Besides the fire concern, I didn't want to expose my boys to the soot that would be left in the air from burning candles.  Scentsy showed me that I could have the benefits of warming a scent without all of the dangers of burning a candle.  I thought to myself, "The product sells itself...I CAN DO THIS!"   I shared the product with my husband and he agreed, so I signed up.    Scentsy is a family affair in our house.  All 3 of our boys love to help package and label products.  They get excited when packages's like a present they get to help me open.  My husband sees the possibilities Scentsy can offer our family too.  He is constantly talking about Scentsy.  He is always bringing me names of new customers.  It's not uncommon to have a family discussion over which scent to warm next.  Trust me, even our 3 year old has an opinion on what to warm!  Scentsy has so many options to offer it's customers.  I like that my customers aren't tied to having a home party...they can have a basket party or just place an order if they's like.  It bothers me when I want a product and am pressured into having a party, just to get what I wanted to order.  If I chose to have a home party, I always felt bad when my friends had to sit through a huge presentation from the consultant.  Scentsy doesn't do that!  It's all about customer service with Scentsy.  There is no long, boring presentation or pressure to buy products.  Scentsy parties are fun and laid back  - a time for friends to get together and be social while smelling the latest scents.   The support that Scentsy offers it's consultants is the best I have ever seen.  I have a plethora of options to get me the help I may need.  It is refreshing to be a consultant with a company that is constantly trying to better itself.  I am so excited to be a part of the Scentsy family!  I love sharing the Scentsy experience with everyone I meet!  My hope is that one day, Scentsy will be in every household.  My new dream is to make that happen! ~Jen  <!--endbody-->

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